Accessories: The Secret to Fashionable Room Decor
By Kathryn Marsh

Accessories are the finishing touches in every room, the icing on the cake so to speak. Accessories not only create the mood but also help to coordinate elements in your décor. Rooms always look their best when they feature a variety of art and accessories.
Buy what you like and love:

Always look for and buy accessories that speak to your personal style. Since you are going to be living with them and seeing them everyday, it is essential that you choose objects you truly like. They need not be expensive, but should add interest in shape, color, and texture. During your selection, don’t forget to include items that have sentimental value. Since these objects usually have a great story behind them, they are always more interesting and help to personalize the space.  Accessories like art can also be great conversational pieces. 
Functional accessories:

Your accessory selection should take into account not only the aesthetic of each object but also the function. Accessories with function can be anything from vases that hold fresh cut flowers, to decorative bowls for nuts and candy. Lamps are not only beautiful, but also provide essential light to any space. Potted plants are also great functional accessories as they work with any color scheme or design style and also clean the air. Another practical piece, the throw blanket, adds color and texture in addition to keeping you warm on chilly nights. These functional accessories do double duty by simultaneously enhancing the rooms’ style and fulfilling a practical purpose. 

Group your accessories to better showcase them, and also add more of an impact on a room. Dispersing them will only diminish their significance in the space and lessen their overall impact. Use odd numbers to create interesting arrangements. When decorating a coffee table or end tables vary the size and use items of different heights. Always include one item with color such as flowers. Art can also be grouped to display a collection of similar works. Make sure that your art carries some of the colors in your room making for a more cohesive look.

Balance is important in any room design from furniture through to accessories. To bring balance to a space try utilizing other elements to build harmony.  For instance, a room with high ceilings can feel better proportioned by filling empty corners with tall green plants. Shop for the larger items first; art, lamps, vases and decorative boxes. They occupy more space and are very helpful when trying to create balance. Once you have allocated these items it is now time to fill in the gaps with smaller items. Always remember to edit your selections.

Always think about where you are going to place an item. Certain items naturally go well together. For example ceramics and other food related items look best in dining rooms and kitchens, so do fruit and vegetable paintings.
Accessories are often considered an after thought, but this mistake can leave a space dull and uncoordinated. Accessories are essential elements of décor and powerful components for creating beautiful rooms. Without accessories a room lacks personality and feels unfinished. 

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