Interior designer Miami  How to Use of Mirrors in Your Home

How To Use Mirrors To Add Personality To Your Home
By Kathryn Marsh

Mirrors are a great way to add personality and dimension to any décor. Mirrors do double duty – they reflect light and can also make a space seem larger and more open. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors and styles, and help to reflect views while adding interest. 

To frame or not to frame

Mirrors, like art, can be framed or left unframed. Thinking of your space and décor style will guide you when making this choice. Mirrors come with frames in an assortment of colors and styles. Frames that are gilded and ornately carved will give you a more traditional feel, while frameless or minimal styles have a modern or contemporary look. 


Grouping a number of mirrors together and in the same color brings prominence to a wall. When grouping, remember to think in odd numbers like three, five or seven; this makes for a more memorable and visually interesting arrangement. Make sure that the size of the
mirror(s) is in scale to the wall it is placed on. Don’t just stop there, let your creativity flow. Using mirrors in the same shape and color or mixing large with small makes for a more dynamic design. 

Placement and location

Placement and location is key when using mirrors. First, decide on what you are trying to accomplish. A mirror can be used for its decorative value or strategically utilized for its functionality. One way to achieve the latter is to take advantage of the reflective value to create an illusionary effect. Do you want it to reflect a beautiful view or to visually add more space and light in the room?  Be sure to check the views that are being reflected from all angles to avoid unintended reflections, which can be quite embarrassing. This includes views of garbage cans, bedrooms or dirty bathrooms and kitchens. 

Placement Ideas

Make a grand entrance by placing a mirror in your foyer. A large piece adds drama, but if you’re more inclined to the unconventional, try a grouping. A foyer is a practical place for a mirror and creates a
great place to quickly check yourself as you leave the house.An unexpected place for mirrors is ascending the wall of a staircase. This brings surprising dimension to a space that is usually reserved for family photos. In the bedroom, create an interesting focal point by artfully placing a number of mirrors over a bed. For a bit of drama and elegance, place a large framed mirror over a sofa in your living room or buffet in the dining room. This will enhance the ambience by reflecting the light from the chandelier, candles and the art on your walls. A large standing mirror leaning against a wall is eye catching and elegant. It can be used in most rooms of your home including the bedroom, living and dining rooms. For something unexpected, place a mirror at the end of a hallway. This creates the illusion of a larger space. Mirrors are fascinating, alluring and versatile. They introduce movement, color, light and visual dimension. They add charm and help to enhance the aesthetics of any room. I love the interplay and illusion they bring to a space. This versatility makes them a favorite design element of mine. So consider including mirrors in your next design project.

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