Custom Printed Window Shades For Your Business

Create high impact design elements that look as good from the outside
as the inside, 
replace traditional promotional posters and signage
that look unsightly from the inside 

Some of the Benefits

  1. Increase your visibility 
  2. Improve corporate identity 
  3. Control the sun
  4. Lower cooling costs
  5. Showcase your corporate message.
  6. Add to a more pleasant atmosphere for diners.
  7. Use every seat during the busiest times of the day.
  8. Reduce glare
  9. Preserve the view
  10. Protect interiors
  11. Display your message
  12. Enhance the ambiance
  13. Keep clients cool
  14. Reduce utility costs
  15. No more faded merchandise
  16. View-through shades allow natural light in

Wide Format Digitally
Printed Roller Shades...

  1. Produce high quality printing on solar screen shades without filling the holes. 
  2. Produce large shade graphics with ease on solar screen and blackout fabric shades
  3. White and light color shade fabrics are recommended to create the most colorful and dramatic effects.
  4. Improve corporate identity and use window graphics as a design element in commercial applications.
  5. Replace traditional promotional posters and signage with a high quality retractable product that allows view through and manages light.

Printed Window Shades Can...

  1. Solve glare problems
  2. Maximize advertising value
  3. Can pay for themselves with marketing results
  4. Solve Sun problems in the process. 
  5. Provide glare control to see cash registers and computers.
  6. More value with cost effective marketing messages.  

Use Printed Window Shade Sinage to .....

Make sure customers know you are OPEN!

Display corporate logos and brand Identity

Display Specific Details (Emergency
Exit signage on glass doors or store hours)

Provide visual message & Protect interiors
and inventory from fading without blocking
the view

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