Custom Drapery
Whatever your design style, we bring you an assortment of textiles from across the globe that will allow you to find your expression in an individual and unique way. Kathryn Interiors offers a vast selection of custom product styles.

Choose from hard or soft window treatments, full multi layered traditionally styled drapery or sleek modern design inspired or a combination of styles, that is the definition of custom we can create the perfect design for you.

Drapery and valances can transform the feeling of a room in a way that very few other design elements can equal. Windows are one of the most important design elements in a room.

They are the portals through which we relate to the world outside, allowing the natural light in, providing us with inspiring views and a stimulating connection with nature.

Choosing the right window covering will allow you to filter how you relate to both the outside world and to your interior environment. Luxurious fabrics, in whatever pattern hue or texture you choose can reflect your sense of fashion and style in immeasurable ways.


Working with the Kathryn Interiors design staff you will be able to create the perfect balance between light control, privacy, and external views: harmonizing the equation between opulence, function, style and functionality that creates the perfect home environment. Call us at 305-814-2830, or click here to  Request a Consultation".  Arrange for an appointment to transform your indoor decor.

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