Interior Design Tips Decorate With Accent Pillows

4 Ways To Decorate Your Space With Pillows
By Kathryn Marsh

Accent pillows are important accessories when it comes to decorating. Whether you prefer a lot of pillows or only a few, they are a great way of adding color and texture while pulling a room together. Let us look at ways you can use accent pillows in your décor.  

1. Use a variety of pillows.
You can purchase accent, throw or decorative pillows (the names are used interchangeably) in a variety of fabrics and prints, including stripes, paisleys, floral, solids, geometric and abstract designs.
One option is to mix patterns and solids. When you combine patterns with solid colors you create a more interesting aesthetic.

2. Choose the right space.
Your bed is a great place to add pillows. You can have pillows in different sizes, shapes and textures. Have some fun be creative, as this is your personal space. You can add as many or as few pillows as you like. Fill empty corners or empty floor spaces with piles of over-stuffed pillows. This is great in spaces like family rooms and bedrooms where you like to lounge and where kids regularly play on the floors.

3. Mix it up.
Place patterned throw pillows on a solid color chair or sofa, or vice versa, to add contrast. Add a splash of color by mixing a few throw pillows in different colors and sizes to create visual interest to the space.  Combine pillows with a coordinating throw for an interesting layered look. Arrange throw pillows in groups of odd numbers such as three or five rather than the more traditional pairs. Again, you want to create interest and variety.

4. Create a theme.
Use decorative pillows to help create themes in your rooms. A few examples are nautical, world traveler or coastal. You can showcase your interests by using decorative pillows, giving your space a more personalized feel. Decorative pillows can be used in most rooms in your home. They are inexpensive and just by changing the pillows in a room you can provide a quick update to your décor. Depending on your personal preferences, there are countless accent pillow options to choose from

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