Miami Interior Design Blog  How To Make  Designer Bed

By Kathryn Marsh


Your bed is usually the focal point of your room. As a result, it is important that the bedding you choose be integrated into the overall design of your room. Whether your style is traditional, modern, contemporary or eclectic you can have a bed that looks like a designer made it by following the instructions below.

A Designer Bed: ( Should have the following components)

  • A Dust Skirt (Depending on the style of the bed)
  • Fitted and Flat Sheets
  • Two pillow cases (That match your sheet set)

  • A comforter or duvet cover

  • Two Euro shams  27” square pillows (one for a twin bed)

  • Two standard or king-size pillows shams

  • One neck roll or one breakfast pillow (boudoir pillow)

  • A coverlet (optional)

Putting it together

Now that you have assembled all the components needed, It is time to start putting your bed together:

1. First put the dust skirt in place under the mattress then add the fitted and flat sheet.

2. Fold your flat sheet back at least 7” from the top of the bed.

3. Do the same with your comforter or duvet cover.

4. Place the two Euro shams up against the headboard or wall in a standing position.

5. Place your regular pillows in pillow cases upright in front of them.

6. Now place the standard or king-size pillow shams standing upright in front of your regular pillows.

7. Now the smaller pillows. Place the breakfast or neck roll pillows in front of the shams.


You can substitute a coverlet for the comforter or duvet and then place the comforter or duvet folded at the bottom of the bed.

Another option is to add an additional Euro-sham or decorative pillow large enough to be seen, directly in front of your two Euro shams but behind your two pillows.


Finished Look

Now you have a bed that looks like a designer made it.

Have fun with it.

Remember it is your personal space do what makes you feel good. Your only limit is your imagination.

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