Interior Design Miami The Nuances of Color


Pay Attention To The Nuances Of Color
By Kathryn Marsh

Colors come in dozens of shades. For example, red may be a tomato red (a red with an orange undertone) or a berry red (a red with a blue undertone). The undertone is the underlying color within any given hue.


Placing these two together in a room can result in a color mismatch; a color scheme that should work but does not. Nothing undermines good design like clashing undertones.        

The easiest way to see a color’s undertone is to compare it to other colors. Look at your chosen color alongside other colors from the same color family. You will see that their undertones are different.
Another way is to compare your color with a pure hue. If you place your red next to a pure red the undertone will become apparent.

When matching colors, carefully examine the colors of the various elements you are trying to match by placing them together.
Place the paint or fabric sample next to the color that you need to match. It should be a very very close match.
When in doubt, remember this: The darker the color the less the likelihood of its clashing. In other words, a deep dark red will be more likely to match a wider range of reds. 

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