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The kitchen design and plan services that you and Peter provided us were extraordinary.  As you know, intermittently over a few years Beth and I have been looking at a myriad of kitchen designs in magazines, window shopping appliances, cabinets, and backsplashes, etc.  The more we looked, the more overwhelming the process became.  We were very concerned about our budget and adding the extra cost of a designer and also finding a designer to find our vision.  We reluctantly determined that we were never going to be able to make the decisions necessary for the complete remodel and decided to talk to a professional designer.  Not to commit, but just to see how we felt after an initial fact finding meeting. 

Needless to say, after meeting with you and Peter we were sold.  You said everything we wanted to hear.  For example you told us, "it’s your house and your preference," and "Peter and I will survey you for what styles, colors, functions and aesthetics you are looking for and come-up with a recommended plan with products, examples and drawings suiting your desires."

Once we had committed to retain you, the services were professional, prompt, reliable, creative, and astute.  Most importantly you were a true pleasure to work with.  We actually enjoyed the process and love the final plan design.  You and Peter are great!  We wish you all the best in your professional and personal endeavors.  We will not hesitate to recommend your services.  We look forward to working with you again on future design consultation for our residence.
Chris and Beth

Project Date: March 2014
Project Price: $50,000-$100,000

We are busy professionals but knew nothing about interior designers or how they worked. We were very nervous going into this project, but Kathryn and her team put us at ease at the very first visit. She listened to our goals and gave us excellent professional advice about everything from floors to walls to window coverings to furniture to placement. This was a top to bottom project and required a great deal of Kathryn and her team's time and energy and she was here for every piece of the project. She educated us on how to put things together and how to create "space". She lined up the vendors for plumbing, for electrical, for walls, for paint - she covered all of the details. Kathryn and her team helped us to create our dream home and now everyone who walks into our home says "Wow!" We have already recommended her to our friends and business associates.
June 29, 2014  

Project Date: January 2013
Project Price: $10,000-$49,999

Kathryn Interiors just finished renovating my guest bedroom. They made the process so easy and the results are spectacular. I was in a rush with company (In-laws) arriving at the end of the month Kathryn and her crew were able to complete the project with time to spare. I received Kathryn's name from a colleague of mine who told me to try her. 

Kathryn met with me and mapped out exactly what could be done in the time frame and then did it. She suggested a couple of changes to enable us to finish the project on time which i think are even better than my original ideas. 

I am so pleased with Kathryn and her team.

Project Date: February 2013
Kathryn Interiors was and is SUPERB! My husband and I began collaborating with Kathryn on our recent project of transforming the downstairs of our townhouse. 
Kathryn is extremely talented, well-rounded in all aspects of design and has mastered the art of color. 
Kathryn and her team are very personable and easy to work with. She gets to know the "real you" and provides a complete package with floor plans, elevations, schedules, material boards, you name it. 
She does an amazing job teaching color concepts and how they relate to you and to each other. I'm sure you'll be just as surprised as my husband and I were to learn so much about "color" and how it relates to your personalities. 
My husband and I are extremely happy with Kathryn Interiors and look forward in completing this magical process. 

For those searching for the perfect interior no more.... 

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world" 

- Mahatma Gandhi

Nicky Spaulding Art
Project Date: March 2012
Project Price: $10,000-$49,999
Kathryn Interiors redesigned and rennovated my home office. An interview was conducted with me to determine my likes and dislikes and personality. The mood I wished to have created in the newly rennovated office was discussed and a colour and personality analysis were also conducted. Also discussed was the budget i had for having the job done. From this, Kathryn Interiors developed a series of boards and outlines with the many designs that were recommended. A presentation of the boards was made to me. The presentation included the various designs, colors, materials, textures and the like and from these presentations and discussions we concluded on the approach which would be taken. A down payment was made and the project was initiated. All along the way, I was informed of any delays and or changes due to availability of materials. Also, as options became available which would lower my cost, Kathryn Interiors made sure to raise those possibilities with me and discuss them. I'm extremely pleased with the outcome and would recommend Kathryn Interiors. This review is based on my most recent experience with Kathryn interiors. I have had Kathryn Interiors also totally rennovate a beach condo I own as well as a family room and kitchen nook. Their expertise include layout, design, colour , lighting, design and a host of other related skills in rennovating or upgrading any space. I'm extremely satisfied with all the work that has ever been done for me by Kathryn Interiors and will be hiring them again on other rennovations and interior decoration upgrades I'm seeking to have done. Their punctuality and professionalism is outdone only by their attention to detail and ongoing service.

Nicholas Gammont 
Project Date: February 2012
Project Price: $10,000-$49,999

Phenomenal service & first rate work! Simple a pleasure to do work with them. In renovating my home they did everything humanly possible to not inconvenience me and my family. Professional, punctual, and courteous; they know their stuff! Not to mention my place looks amazing!!!!
July 10, 2012   Last modified: August 6, 2012 

Ronald S Miami Fl 33131
Interior Design & Decorating
Window Treatments
Work Completed Date: 
May 08, 2013
Approximate Cost: 

Description Of Work: 
Kathryn Interiors was asked to look at a room in my home and to develop a design to create a home office from what had been designed to be a bed room

Kathryn Interiors came to my location, looked at the space, interviewed me to ascertain what I was specifically looking for, took some early measurements, had me respond to questionnaire and then bounced some early ideas off of me. 


Kathryn Interiors then built a design board and presented to me various options for the space in question. I was so impressed with the level and detail of the presentation, the graphics used and the presentation materials that I agreed to one of the options immediately upon completion of the presentation. I was also impressed that up to this point in time, Kathryn Interiors had met all the promised timeline deliveries and were always punctual, this made me very comfortable to proceed with the project identified.


Kathryn Interiors, delivered everything that was promised in a timely and professional manner, always communicating in detail and candidly any opportunities and or issues along the way. Whenever any items ordered were delayed due to the manufacturers, Kathryn Interiors would inform me of the delay and what options we had to choose something else, options to expedite through other manufacturers or if I wanted to simply accept the delay in order to maintain original plans and or lines to the design in place. All work was professionally attended to. I chose to leave everything to Kathryn Interiors after the project was in full swing because they had developed such a rapport with me and a solid level of communication, doing so honestly and professionally that I TRUSTED Kathryn Interiors implicitly and explicitly. 


If I were to go through all the details here, I would come close to writing a short story, so to be brief, suffice it to say that their work included the following:


What I have today is a beautiful home office which is very stylish, practical and comfortable. I am extremely happy and all my friends and family are impressed with the space. I gave Kathryn Interiors permission to use photographs of my space on line or in any submissions which has resulted in t he space getting rave reviews by others. The reviews have come on line and through various design houses and online magazine reviews. I'm very very pleased and happy with the results.


I have other home and design projects that I need to have attended to, you can be sure that I will be using Kathryn Interiors for all my design, interior decoration and window treatment needs. So I guess you can all expect to have me writing another fabulous review of the services provided by Kathryn Interiors in the future.  
Ron S

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